Best Facial in Denver

A soothing and rejuvenating treatment that has both physical and mental benefit. Allow yourself to be pampered in a relaxing environment. Invest an hour of your time to feel and look good.
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Renew your skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment.Biotherapeutics Hydro-Microdermabrasion infuses your skin with delicious serums while stimulating collagen production, cellular renewal and unclogging pores, allowing your skin to breathe again.
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The Procell Microchanneling (Microneedling) System creates tiny channels in the outer layers of your skin which have been clinically shown to increase absorption, reduce wrinkles, repair acne scarring and leave your skin looking amazing!
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The Signature Vesper Grey facial in Denver is personalized to address your specific concerns and condition of your skin.  Together we can determine the best course of action to optimize your facial results.




The Express Facial is designed for those with a busy schedule.  This Denver skin care rejuvenation treatment is designed to replenish the skin’s nutrients and restore tone and color for a vibrant, refreshed look.  Excellent weekly maintenance treatment or for the “on the go” person.



The Acne Facial in Denver is designed to purify the skin, targeting acne, inflammation and oily skin.  Cleansers and serums with a potent blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids containing anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne while also resurfacing and smoothing the skin.



Welcome to Colorado!  We have the perfect facial for you at our skin care spa and salon in Denver!  Come and let us pamper you with the delicious CBD products from Color Up Thereapeutics, a Colorado grown and operated CBD supplier.  All of the products from this line are infused with full spectrum CBD which aids in hydration and UV protection as well as hits all of our main targets such as anti-aging, inflammation of the skin and is antimicrobial to aid with acne and breakouts.  Although you may feel extremely relaxed following the facial, these products contain no THC which is what actually makes you “high” and it is safe for anyone who does not have allergies to hemp or marijuana.