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Our pedicure treatments include foot soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polishing.
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A manicure is done on your natural nails and normally includes removing any existing nail polish, cleaning and conditioning your cuticles, filing and shaping your nails, applying moisturizers to your hands, a hand/forearm massage and applying new nail polish.
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Please Note

We do NOT offer acrylic with tips. We do offer dip with tips ONLY. 

If you have tips on please be sure to book a removal in addition to your nail service.


  • Nail Art $10+
  • Gel/Dip Removal $10+
  • Chrome Polish $10+
  • Polish Change/French $10
  • Express (Dry) $16
  • Regular Manicure $20
  • Current Client Gel Manicure $35
  • New Client Gel Manicure $45
  • Dip Nails $65
  • Dip With Tips Rebase $45


  • Mani & Pedi $50
  • Current Client Gel Mani/Pedi $75
  • New Client Gel Mani/Pedi $85


  • Nail Art $10+
  • Gel/Dip Removal $10+
  • Chrome Polish $10+
  • Polish Change/French $15
  • Express (Dry) $27
  • Regular Pedicure $35
  • Current Client Gel Pedicure $50
  • New Client Gel Pedicure $65

New client services include the removal cost and time needed for removal of existing gel

The dip with tips rebase is for current clients only who want their dip color to be the same as it currently is. If you would like a new color we will have to remove the tips you currently have and apply a new set.

Denver Nail Salon

Finding a great nail salon in does not need to be a challenge, but when you include the hundreds of options, it can become a daunting decision. Here at Vesper Gray Skin, Lash & Nail Studio, we believe it should be an easy choice. Vesper’s Studio is unlike any other beauty salon in Denver, and that is because of Vesper herself. If you want the best manicure Denver has to offer, or a perfect pedicure for that matter you’ve found your place!

Treat Yourself to a Manicure

There is something about having beautiful nails that leaves women feeling amazing about themselves. They hold their heads higher and just feel more beautiful when their nails look good. The confidence that well-manicured nails provide comes out in both personal and professional situations. A new manicure can help us achieve a new level of greatness. It all starts with picking the perfect look and style. The level of protection it provides our nails is a sideline benefit.

When looking for specialty nails for your next special event, Vesper has got you covered. We can get your nails ready for anything, from a fun weekend on the town to a destination wedding. We can give you any look you may want, from a chrome finish to a French manicure, gel polish, or even dip nails in our Denver salon. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination, but the look will leave you in awe. You can go from simple nail art to extravagant holographic dips; the decision is yours!

Relax the Stress Away With a Pedicure

When life gets to be too much, there is nothing like a relaxing pedicure to ease the stress. Vesper’s team is known for giving some of the best pedicures in Denver, but the only way you will know that is if you come in and see for yourself. You go in with tense feet, which leads to pain in your legs, hips, back, and neck, and then you come out with beautifully pedicured feet that are relaxed and ready to walk into anything life throws your way. You get to pick the polish colors to match your mood or to coordinate with an upcoming event.

We provide traditional nail polish, nail art, French pedicures, and even gel nails to help provide strength and protection to delicate toenails. Show the world a bit of personality the next time you wear open-toe shoes with a statement pedicure from Vesper’s Salon. Feel free to schedule a time to come in and see just how amazing you will feel by the time we’re finished.

When what you are looking for is an inviting, clean, and appealing nail salon, then what you want is Vesper Gray Skin Lash & Nail Studio. Come in and see for yourself what sets this amazing place apart from the other options in the area. You are not going to find a more considerate, thoughtful, or friendly salon anywhere in the area. Contact us today and see what sets us apart!