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Waxing lasts between 2-6 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth, time of year, and how long you've been waxing.
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Waxing Services

Our precision hot waxing service is the best hair removal treatment in Denver. Our team of skilled technicians will leave your skin smooth and ensure every last rogue hair is removed. We use the highest quality hot wax that helps reduce pain and leaves your skin hydrated and flawless, without the irritation and redness. We offer a full range of waxing services in Denver, CO to make sure your skin is smooth from head to toe. Whether you’re looking to get a specific area waxed or full service body hair removal, we have the expertise to give you gorgeous results.

  • Eyebrows $15
  • Lip $15
  • Ears $15
  • Nose $15
  • Chin $15
  • 1/2 Arm $15
  • Chest $30
  • Full Arm $30

If you’re looking to get multiple areas waxed, call us today and we’ll put together a bespoke waxing service to suit your needs.

Benefits of Regular Body Waxing

If you regularly shave, you might be wondering why you should bother with professional waxing. But there are many benefits of adding a regular body waxing to your beauty regime. Here are some of our favorite reasons to come visit us for a max session:

Slower regrowth

When hair is shaved, only the surface part of the hair is removed, meaning it grows back fairly quickly and can even grow back thicker. However, when it comes to waxing, the hair is pulled out from the root, meaning it takes significantly longer to grow back. Plus, with regular waxing sessions, the hair follicle becomes weaker and weaker, meaning less thick regrowth over time.

Stubble-free skin

After shaving, skin quickly becomes stubbly and even irritated by stubborn ingrown hairs. Waxing gives a smooth, stubble-free finish and reduces the chance of irritated, ingrown hairs.

Smooth, even skin

Regular waxing services don’t only remove unwanted hair but also remove dead and dry skin, giving a much smoother, even appearance and helping to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. During our waxing services, we also apply a hydrating serum to make sure your skin gets the nourishment it needs.

No nasty cuts

We’ve all accidentally nicked the skin when shaving, leaving a painful cut that looks awful and stings for days. With waxing, you don’t need to stress about leaving annoying cuts or bruises on the skin. Just a flawless finish you’ll be proud to flaunt.

A spa-like experience

Having a hot wax is a great opportunity to switch off and get some much-needed self-care. The hot wax itself feels divine and our technicians ensure each of our clients has a spa-like experience when they visit us.

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Whether you have a special event coming up or just want the luxurious feeling of hydrated, smooth skin, book an appointment at our waxing salon in Denver, CO today. We offer a full service that can take care of all of your unwanted hair from a bikini wax all the way to full body waxing services.

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