Down-turned corners around the mouth can make you feel like you’re walking around with a sad, scolding expression. In addition to making you look older than you are, this problem sets a negative tone for the whole face. While you may feel ready to take on the day, people will still constantly ask if everything is “alright” after reading your face.

It’s impossible for makeup to hide down-turned corners around the mouth because those down-turned corners are caused by facial sagging. What’s happening when you begin to notice down-turned corners is that the muscles attached to your mouth are being pulled downward. Your muscles and soft tissue provide the support that gives your face structure. When you lose volume and support, the corners of your mouth will simply begin to “slide down” with some help from gravity. This is what creates that sad, “lumpy” expression in place of the sharp, well-defined facial features of your youth.

The area around the mouth is especially vulnerable to sagging because we constantly use the muscles that control our mouths. Repeated muscle movements from laughing, talking, chewing, and making facial expressions cause “wear patterns” to form on our faces over time. As our tissue weakens with age, we begin to see lines and sagging more prominently due to these wear patterns.

Is there a way to fix down-turned corners around the mouth? Yes! While being stuck with a sad, angry expression was simply something that people had to live with a generation ago, it’s now easier than ever to keep putting forward your fresh, authentic expression. Several cosmetic treatments exist to restore definition to down-turned corners of the mouth. Take a look at how people are smoothing out down-turned corners using non-invasive cosmetic treatments.


Used to freeze lines and wrinkles throughout the face, BOTOX can be especially effective for a drooping smile. BOTOX works by stopping muscle action that causes lines, creasing, and sagging. BOTOX injections can target the muscles at the corners of the mouth that are tugging downward. This is a very gentle, non-invasive option that helps many people to finally feel like they are in control of their own expressions again. No downtime is needed following BOTOX. BOTOX results typically last three to six months.

Dermal Fillers

If you want to take your treatment a step up from BOTOX, dermal fillers should be considered. Fillers create scaffolding within the tissue structure to lift the corners of your mouth. In addition to helping to lift your expression, they fill in and “plump up” the areas where volume loss has created creasing. The result is often a fresher, smoother mouth area that looks much more like what you remember from your younger years. Fillers are often used in conjunction with BOTOX to help keep the muscles that are responsible for the pulling action rested. Results from fillers often last six to 18 months. A painless option, fillers don’t require any downtime.


Giving your face the intense exfoliation and hydration it needs for skin turnover, the HydraFacial is an important part of any skin-rejuvenation routine! The HydraFacial helps to target the root causes of lines, wrinkles, and sagging by stimulating new cell growth. It helps to boost your skin’s own natural production of collagen and elastin to create firmer, more resilient skin. While collagen and elastin production slows down dramatically for most people by the time they hit 30, it is possible to trigger production using intense, medical-grade exfoliation paired with intense moisture replacement. During your HydraFacial treatment, we use a special device that allows us to give you exfoliation, a peel, cleanings, and intense hydration all in one treatment. This is a great way to stimulate new cell growth for skin turnover. While this cleansing treatment is intense, it doesn’t require any downtime.

Get Treatment for Down-Turned Corners of the Mouth in Uptown Denver

If you’re tired of people reading your face wrong, it’s time to address down-turned corners. Here at Vesper Gray Med Spa, we offer several treatments that can help you smooth and lift the area around your mouth to get rid of dropping. We understand your need for a subtle, natural-looking fix that’s going to make you feel like your face is your own again! We can’t wait to show you how beautiful your skin can look! Book an appointment with the Vesper Gray team at our office in North Capital Hill today to discuss options like BOTOX, fillers, or the HydraFacial!