Don’t Give Wrinkles Around Your Mouth the Final Word: BOTOX for Perioral Lines

Your mouth is what you use to express yourself. Every movement of your lips tells the story of thousands of laughs, smiles, thoughts, feelings and expressions. While your mouth tells the story of you, you can still take control of the illustrations! That’s exactly how people feel when they decide to take care of perioral lines. If you’re an expressive person, doing something about your pronounced perioral lines is probably already on your mind.

What Are Perioral Lines?

Perioral lines are those pesky “dragging lines” that spread out from the borders of the mouth and lips. Meaning “around the mouth,” perioral lines can show up at the top, bottom and sides of you mouth. Perioral lines can be especially annoying because they are so dramatic. They become more pronounced every time we smile, laugh, talk or make an expression. As we get into our 30s, 40s and 50s, we may find that we hate wearing the bold lipstick colors we used to love because we feel like dark and bright colors draw attention to the creases and wrinkles around the mouth.

Why Do Perioral Lines Form Around the Mouth?

Like most facial lines and wrinkles, perioral lines grow as we age. Many people begin seeing them in their 30s. However, around-the-mouth wrinkles really begin to ramp up once we get into our 40s and 50s. The reason why perioral lines are so common is because they form as a result of repeated contraction of the mouth. Yes, that means that every word you’ve spoken, bite you’ve taken, laugh you’ve laughed and grimace you’ve made was actually contributing to future perioral lines. If you have a long-term habit of drinking with a straw, that constant puckering can actually be responsible for stronger-than-usual mouth lines. The same goes for things like whistling and singing. Yes, smoking can drastically increase mouth lines.

Perioral lines also form as a result of the general loss of volume that occurs as we age. There’s simply less muscle, fat and collagen acting as scaffolding around your mouth than there was when you were 18. While everyone will get some lines around the mouth, you’re likely to have more pronounced lines if you’ve smoked, spent lots of time in the sun, skipped daily sunscreen and avoided moisturizer. Perioral lines often show up as little “cracks” around the mouth before deepening as time goes on.

Is There a Way to Get Rid of Perioral Lines Around the Mouth?

There’s no reason why you can’t love your lips as you age. There are many things you can begin doing right now to reduce or eliminate the appearance of lines around your mouth. If you haven’t been taking care of your skin using things like a good moisturizer, proper hydration and daily sunscreen, it goes without saying that it’s time to get serious about mitigating the issue to prevent lines from worsening. However, you may also be interested in “reversing” the lines that have already formed. This is where a treatment like BOTOX can come into the picture.

How Does BOTOX Treat Wrinkles Around the Mouth?

For someone looking for a treatment for perioral lines that is considered both gentle and effective, BOTOX really shines. BOTOX is a muscle relaxant that prevents the muscles from contracting to make the “wrinkle movements” that cause lines. There is a particular artistry that goes along with using BOTOX to address wrinkles around the mouth because you can create a more youthful appearance by smoothing the borders around the lips to create more shape and definition. In fact, using BOTOX injections strategically in the muscle just above the lip is a common technique for making the lips more pronounced. When done correctly, using BOTOX around the mouth will cause the lip to roll outward with stronger definition while also smoothing the area surrounding the mouth. However, the injections create a very controlled effect that ensures you’ll still be able to smile, laugh and talk with all of the vibrant self-expression that you’ve always enjoyed! If you’re looking for an even more dramatic final result, it’s possible to combine BOTOX treatments for lines around the mouth with fillers that will increase lip volume and surface area. Many clients who are tired of having a “sad” or “angry” expression that is caused by a combination of wrinkles and thinning lips find that this helps them to have a youthful, positive expression once more!

Should I Consider BOTOX for Lines Around My Mouth?

First, it’s important to consider all of your options with help from a trained, licensed aesthetician. From there, you can learn about how BOTOX can be used to address the lines framing your lips. It’s also possible that additional skin treatments will help you trigger cell turnover and collagen production to slow down the signs of aging around your mouth. The one thing that’s for certain is that doing nothing about perioral lines will only cause the lines to grow larger and deeper over time.

Let’s Talk About Treating Your Perioral Lines With BOTOX

Your mouth can express who you really are again if you trust those pesky lines to the right professional! Located in Denver’s North Capitol Hill, Vesper Gray Med Spa is a premier studio offering state-of-the-art Med Spa and beauty services. Our aestheticians are trained to use BOTOX to soften lines and wrinkles around the mouth based on the unique contours of each client’s face. Book a consultation with Vesper Gray today! Book Now or call us at (720) 682-2269.