Your 101 guide to keeping those luscious lash extensions full and perky for longer!

Not everyone isn’t very much blessed in the lashes department. And this is one major reason why eyelash extensions in Denver are a godsend. Not only they help in elevating your look and enlarge your eyes, but these saviors also cut down the average time you invest in putting false lashes or mascara in the morning. With many perks like these and a painless process, we’re not sure why you aren’t trying it yourself.

But for those who are already there or just about to get there for the first time, here’s an easy lowdown on how to take care of them. With proper maintenance and attention, your lush lashes can last up to six-seven weeks – a 10/10 bang for your buck!

Use Oil-Free Cleansers

For long-lasting luscious lashes, remember to protect them from all kinds of oil-based products. This includes cleansers, eye makeup, and makeup removers which can weaken the adhesive glue used to stick the lashes on. We recommend our clients to use micellar water, which is water-based and doesn’t irritate the eyes.

When removing your eye makeup, go for cotton buds instead of thick cotton pads too. This prevents your lashes from cotton fibers and also helps you in removing any eye make up more effectively.

Avoid Water And Steam

For at least 24 hours keep yourself away from water and steam as the adhesive glue used for lash extensions in Denver, New York, or pretty much anywhere in the world takes about 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. During this timeframe, you need to miss your hot yoga classes and saunas, which cause your face to produce more oil and sweat.

To prevent water or sweat from coming into direct contact with your eyelashes while cleansing, soak a washcloth in lukewarm water and softly remove the soap. Rinse and repeat until there’s no more residue.

Comb Them Upwards

Develop the habit of using a good clean spoolie to comb your lashes in an upward direction daily. This ensures that it upholds its curl and also prevent dust particles from getting stuck in between them.

Do NOT Touch Them

Vesper Gray know that you are admiring your long, fuller lashes, but do not pick on them or touch them. Apart from the dust on your fingers transferring onto your eyelashes (and possibly getting inside your eyes), you may also damage your natural lashes as extensions are delicately glued to them.

Sleep On Your Back

One of the reasons why you are getting eyelash lift in Denver, Chicago, or anywhere in the world where you may be located, is because you want to wake up beautiful. So if you’re one of those who don’t sleep on their back and have their face buried into the pillow, you’ll need to reconsider your sleeping position during the entire time your lashes are expected to last. Sleeping face down causes your lash extensions to change their shape, and they might start falling out – and that’s not what you’ve paid for, right?