There are times when you and your makeup artist may have different ideas of what your goals are.  It’s important for you to know your goals and how to talk with your her about them when heading into your initial experience.  Less definitely does not equal more in this industry and hopefully this blog will help clarify things to ensure that you receive the results you are looking for.  Before I explain the differences here are a couple of details that you should know. 

Your eyelashes will become fuller and also sometimes thinner at times….

Our natural eyelashes have a cycle and usually this cycle will last about 8 weeks from beginning to end (some clients vary).  There are 3 stages of this cycle (anagen, catagen, telogen) and to spare you the boring technicalities we will call them baby, adolescent and adult eyelashes.  During a lash installation (your first application of extensions) we apply them to your adolescent (mid-cycle) lashes first.  These are when they are strongest and healthiest.  If there is time left we can apply extensions to your adult lashes but bear in mind that these will fall out sooner as they are connected to your natural lash which is in its final resting stage.  Don’t shed a tear and have a funeral, this is a normal part of the process!  Baby lashes should be left alone as weight and other factors can damage your natural follicle and that is the exact opposite of what we want to do.  As you come in for your fill appointments, more and more lashes will be applied giving you a fuller effect.  At times shedding occurs due to temperature changes (think wild animals losing their winter coat) and their natural cycle.  Hormones and stress are also contributors to retention and can cause more shedding.  What’s happening internally most definitely effects what happens externally. 

Here is a great article on the different phases of a lash cycle.

Lash extensions are a lifestyle change…..

We are talking about a new addition to your body, the products that you use and the lifestyle that you lead will dictate the longevity of your lashes.  Any oil based products are death to extensions, especially make up wipes and most mascaras.  The oils will deteriorate the bond created between your natural lash and the extension and will cause them to fall off sooner.  It is important that your makeup artist discuss and go over the products that you use and suggest changes that may be needed to keep your lashes full and healthy.  Water is not a problem (aside from immediately following your install or fill) but what is, is what you do to the water.  The main rule of thumb is to always pat and never rub your eyes.  I experienced this when I first had my lashes put on a few years ago.  I spend a ton of time in the water in the summer and I was always getting out of the water and rubbing my eyes with my towel.  Needless to say, I had to book longer fills and spend more money to maintain them until I completely retrained myself when getting out of the shower, lake or pool and after washing my face.  Pat, pat, pat…DO NOT rub, rub, rub.  

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lashes are great for clients who have thick and luxurious natural eyelashes or who would like a more natural look.  With classic styling, as a makeup artist, we are restricted in what we can do as we are only able to accentuate what our client currently has.  In the classic approach we apply 1 extension to each natural lash.  The extensions themselves are thicker in diameter than what is used in volume, accentuating the natural lash.  The health and length of your natural lashes will determine a healthy length and diameter for your extensions.  

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume is ideal for clients who have thinner lashes and want them to appear thicker or for those who want a more dramatic look.  With volume, I apply 2+ extensions to each of your natural (depending on where they are in their cycle) lashes.  This is where the term 2D, 3D etc. volume comes from.  We create a small “fan” then apply them to one single natural lash.  The fan wraps around the base of your natural lash and holds them all in place.  Depending on the client’s desires and the health of the eyelashes will help determine how many lashes are applied.  With volume we use a smaller diameter, which reduces the weight of the extensions.


This is pretty simple…  Classic is less expensive because we use less products and it is a bit less technical.  With volume we are using anywhere from 2-7x more lashes, adhesive and utilizing more technical skills. 

It is important that you do your research when seeking out a lash artist.  Here in Colorado you must be a licensed aesthetician or cosmetologist to apply lash extensions however you do not have to complete any formal training.  I am trained in both Classic and Volume styles and am happy to provide proof upon request.  Although legally you do not have to be trained, I highly recommend that as an educated client that you seek out a professional who is trained in the style that you are looking for. If you are interested in experiencing our luxurious lash extensions we would love to have you visit us at our studio! If you are feeling adventurous you can take a look at our lash lift service as well!

Hopefully this clears up any confusion you may have regarding classic vs volume lashes.  Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Be sure to do your research!

Happy lashing!

For those of you that are more visual learners I found this great 30 second video by The Lash Designory so you can see the difference between classic and volume lash extensions!

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