Lash extensions have been around since the 1950’s but they have come a long way as has our technology on how to make them.  In the old days they used to use nylon from panty hose.  Remember those things from long ago, lol?!  They were a lot thicker and heavier then and they made the perfect material for creating lashes after they had been dyed black.  Women used to weave their own strip lashes from nylon before applying them.  That sounds extremely challenging to me.  Now we have much more precise manufacturing and I’d say we’ve definitely come a long way!! 

This is where classic eyelash extensions vs volume lashes come in.

Classic eyelash extensions are when one larger diameter (heavier) lash is attached to one single natural lash.  Classic lashes have a coarser and harder look. Classic lashes are great for people who already have thick natural lashes. If you have extremely thin lashes, classic lashes can give them the appearance of looking even thinner. Hybrid is a blend of classic and volume lashing. 

Volume eyelash extensions are when multiple small diameter (less weight) lashes are attached to a natural lash in a beautiful fan shape to create more drama and fullness.  Volume can be more natural looking and softer looking. Volume lashes are also lighter than classic lashes.  Volume lashes are great for everyone but especially those who have thinner natural lashes.  Volume lashes will create fullness for those who have thinner lashes.  For those who already have thick eyelashes, volume eyelash extensions will give you a beautiful dramatic look.  In my opinion you can never have too much drama when it comes to eyelash extensions!!  

I personally ask all new lash clients who have not had lash extensions before to come in for a 30 minute complimentary consultation.  During this time we will do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the adhesive (it’s very rare but best to be on the safe side).  I ask clients to come prepared with pictures of lash styles that they like so that we can make sure that we are on the same page and ensure that I create the look that you are hoping for.  

During the patch test I apply 5-7 lash extensions on the outer corner of each eye as well as place a drop on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear.  If you are going to have a reaction it will usually show up on day 2 or 3 which is why I ask clients to come in at least 72 hours before their install.  You will know if you’re having a reaction!  There will be no doubt as the areas where the adhesive has been applied will be red and extremely itchy.  If a reaction does occur, you can come in and I will remove the few extensions for you or most of the time you can simply wash them off with a little bit of effort.  Again, an allergy is extremely rare!!!

When your eyelash extensions are properly applied by your lash artist and properly cared for by you, you can wear eyelash extensions for as long as you wish.  It is important that your artist use the correct weight and length extensions per natural lash to avoid damaging the natural eyelash and its follicle.  

Most clients come in every 2-3 weeks to have them filled.  Fills for your classic lash or volume lash are necessary to keep your lashes full as we lose 3-5 natural eyelashes per day!!  

The main thing to remember when wearing extensions is that oil will remove your extensions.  This means saying goodbye to all makeup wipes (they are loaded with oil), not wearing oil based makeup and if you do, being sure to wash it off after the event before you go to bed.  Don’t let it sit on your eyelashes all night!!  

Mascara is a huge no no and the best way to make all of your eyelashes fall off.  Plus it’s nearly impossible to get all of the mascara off of your extensions.  Once the bond has been compromised by mascara, it’s just a matter of time before they will fall off.

Sleeping habits can cause lash retention issues.  Be mindful of smashing eyelashes into your pillows etc.  There are concave sleeping masks available specifically for people who wear lash extensions.  When showering, be mindful of being rough and rubbing your lashes as well as being mindful of not using oily cleansers on your eyelashes. When you get out of the shower or after washing your face you will want to pat the extensions dry.  DO NOT RUB THEM.

I send all of my client’s home with a lash shampooing kit and show them how to clean them at their installation.  The best way to clean your lashes is with a foaming lash shampoo and a small fan brush.  

Starting with one eye at a time, you will put a half pump of shampoo onto the fan brush and gently brush from left to right along your lash line where the lashes meet the lid.  You will then gently brush the shampoo down the lashes to cleanse the lashes from root to tip.  Rinse and repeat with the second eye.  

During the hotter months, I also recommend that my clients wipe their eyelids to ensure that there is not any oil and sweat sitting on their lids which melts down onto the lashes.  

I go over all of the things mentioned here at length during my clients lash installation.  When having your lashes applied, whether it’s volume lashes or classic lashes, please plan for 2-3 hours to apply them.  We have between 120-300 lashes per eye on average and naturally this takes time to get you looking nice and full.  After that a 2 week fill is 60 minutes and a 3 week fill is 90 minutes. 

Looking forward to seeing you in our salon in Denver, Colorado!  Please reach out with any questions!  I love talking lashes!