When you have acne-prone skin, you’re focused on keeping your face clean, nourished and healthy. You also know that many of the “miracle” skincare treatments that give everyone else amazing results can often trigger breakouts for you. This makes it very difficult to trust skincare options. That brings us to the HydraFacial.

Can HydraFacials be used to treat acne and blackheads? Yes, this is an amazing treatment for calming breakouts down without the irritation that so many other facials cause. This treatment “flushes out” your pores without drying out your face. In fact, you’re going to notice a brighter, “plumper” look when you glance in the mirror after your treatment! Here’s what you need to know!

The Basics of the HydraFacial

First, it’s helpful to know what happens during a HydraFacial. Unlike standard exfoliation treatments, the HydraFacial uses a motorized wand that actually exfoliates dead cells, extracts dirt from pores and infuses your pores with hydrating, plumping serums at the same time. Your face is never left “exposed” during this treatment because all of the “bad” stuff that’s removed is replaced with beautiful hydration! Following your 30-minute treatment, you’ll be free to resume your day without any downtime or recovery.

Can HydraFacials Help With Acne and Blackheads?

A HydraFacial gets rid of skin-dulling, pore-clogging facial debris like no other treatment! If you’ve been exfoliating at home to get rid of dark pores and breakouts without success, you should know that the HydraFacial is a medical-grade facial that offers very different results from the drugstore or over-the-counter products and tools you can use at home. First, dead cells are buffed away to prep your pores for exfoliation and extraction. The spiral tip of the HydraFacial tools actually draws blackheads and impurities from your pores during a very soothing, painless process. During your facial, you’ll actually see the embedded debris that is “sucked” out. Many clients are shocked to discover what they’ve been walking around with “inside their pores.” Seeing the dirt also makes it clear why acne breakouts have been so frequent for many clients who are consistent with “surface cleaning” their faces at home.

Book Your HydraFacial in Denver

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