Dermaplaning is a quick treatment with no downtime, and leaves you with incredibly smooth, glowing skin.  Dermaplaning is perfect before events, special occasions and for clients who like a smoother finish and a face free of facial hair or “peach fuzz” for easier makeup application.

We also recommend dermaplaning to anyone about to undergo a laser or chemical peel treatment to allow better penetration which benefits your skin in numerous ways – it leads to better results and makes your skin look glowing.

Dermaplaning is a safe and amazing treatment for most pregnant women who need to avoid many skincare treatments during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, please be sure to chat with us before booking your appointment so that we may go over the contraindications with you and ensure that you are a good candidate for dermaplaning!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning uses a medical-grade surgical steel blade in short strokes at a 45 degree angle to remove the surface layer of dead skin, debris and vellus hair (face fuzz).

The benefits of dermaplaning are countless.

The best way to describe the feeling of a dermaplane is the feeling of a scratchy cat tongue licking you.

What Are The Benefits Of Dermaplaning?

A dermaplaning session is able to remove built up dead skin cells and debris from your skin. Dermaplaning is completely pain free and non-invasive, and the benefits of it are endless. This is a wonderful treatment for Colorodans as we are in such a dry climate that we always have dry skin that can stand to be removed.

Dermaplaning is completely pain free and non-invasive.  It is absolutely imperative that you wear sunscreen and a big hat for a few days following the treatment, especially here in Denver, Colorado, as your skin will no longer have dead skin cells on it to shield you from the sun. At this point everyone knows that one of the biggest keys to anti-aging is sunscreen. Be sure to apply it frequently!!

The technique may sound similar to shaving, but it is much more effective because the blade being used is able to get right up against the top layer of skin and doesn’t leave or create a stubbly feeling when growing back when done properly. There is no need to worry about the hair growing back darker or thicker. This is an old wives tale. The only thing that can make your hair darker or grow back thicker is hormones.

Dermaplaning targets the vellus hair (peach fuzz) and it grows back the same thickness and color. In addition, the way the surgical blade cuts the hair does not create the illusion of a thicker hair when growing back. These are just some of the benefits of dermaplaning, especially when done by a professional.

Should you DIY?? NO!!!!

Doing your own dermaplaning is a big NO!

During the Covid-19 shut down it was all the rage to do your own dermaplane. Well, I am here to tell you that a legit dermaplane is nothing like the do it yourself system at home.

Do you remember your first razor as a little girl? It was most likely an electric one or one with a guard on it so that you couldn’t cut yourself and it barely took the hair off and left you with a fuzzy finish. Then when you were experienced enough you were allowed to use a legit razor that left you with baby soft skin and no hair.

This is a great way to explain a DIY dermaplane at home and one given by a professional, LOL!  Although the idea is similar, the results are not and there is no way that you can do your own dermaplane because it is done with a surgical blade and must be done by a professional.

Trust me, as myself and my colleagues have tried to do our own dermaplaning and we all cut ourselves and gave up before we nicked and cut our faces any worse than we already had. Just to be clear, I in no way shape or form recommend that someone do their own dermaplane with a surgical scalpel at home either.

Get Ready To Reap The Benefits Of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning carries many benefits and is a great treatment for those who want to:

  • Rid themselves of dead skin
  • Rid themselves of baby face peach fuzz
  • Rid themselves of fine lines
  • Have a flawless finish

Dermaplaning also makes extractions a cinch as the pores are already open from removing the top layer of dead skin. Here at VG Skin, Lash and Nails we offer a basic dermaplane for those in a hurry as well as a dermaplane facial.

Basic dermaplane treatment

The basic dermaplane is just that. A double cleanse, dermaplane, and finishing products. The basic takes about 25-30 minutes. The dermaplane facial includes double cleanse, dermaplaning, extractions, mask, facial massage and finishing products and takes about 50-60 minutes.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions! We love educating our clients!!