Surely holidays are over, and your beauty regime for hands and feet are all set to go into hibernation. But wait, do you realize how important it is to keep up with your Mani & Pedi routine?

Most people don’t necessarily build a den and go into a deep slumber like bears, but their regularly scheduled beauty routine goes on an unparalleled seasonal hiatus. Cold weather has its own way of stealing all your self-care mantras, so your routine for manicure pedicure in Denver, Chicago, or anywhere cold in the US also has to bear the consequences.

We know how you let your feet go in winters. From November through February, you keep your toenails long, heels like sandpaper, and the random dead skin scaling like fish. For the days when you’re all wrapped up in layers with dry skin and hair, feeling chilly from the moment you leave your warm bed until you climb back into it, looking after your toenails takes a backseat.

Winter pedicure in Denver, New York, London, or pretty much anywhere around the world does a lot more than just keeping our toenails pretty in shades of burgundy and magenta. They nourish our tired, poor, and overworked feet — which take an even more inhuman beating in winter.

Realizing that, here are five reasons why you must NOT overlook your pedicure regime this winter.

For Exfoliation

Because your feet are enclosed in boots all day, your feet are more prone to accumulating corn and calluses. Not only do they look unpleasant but can also cause complicated problems and pain. Therefore, exfoliation is very important for your feet. Regular pedicures from a spa or best nail salons in Denver, or wherever you may be located, will keep calluses and corns at bay and keep your feet smooth and silky.

For Trimming

Regular filing and trimming will ensure healthy, strong nails and prevent many serious nail problems. This is especially important for the ladies who walk and exercise regardless of the temperature. (Salute!)

For Blood Circulation

Pedicures promote healthier joints and skin and improve blood circulation. Our pedicures always begin with a relaxing spa foot soak to soften the cracked skin and promote blood circulation in the lower part of your leg, ankle and feet. This helps in reducing winter blues and possibly all the swelling in your feet from standing, sitting, and walking all day.

For De-Stressing

If you want to relax and relieve stress, there’s no better remedy than treatment of manicure pedicure in Denver. Massaging feet loosens your muscles and helps with joint movement in winter. Massage will help you relax and de-stress tight muscles. The increased blood flow improves oxygen levels to the tissue in your feet.

Lastly, Do It For the Sake of Fancy Winter Footwear!

You will only realize the importance of a pedicure in winter when you put on a pair of open-toed shoes for that occasional but appreciated in –ve degree winter day!