There are probably dozens of beauty salons located within the North Capital Hill community alone. Finding the right one for your budget and beauty goals is easier when you do your research first.

For example, residents looking for more intensive treatments, like BOTOX® or a chemical peel, would be better served at a medical spa than a salon. Such products and procedures are only available by prescription and administration by a medical professional or aesthetician with advanced certification.

Whether you’re looking for one-time cosmetic services to get ready for a special occasion or you need ongoing skin and beauty treatment, the facility you choose will make all of the difference when it comes to results.

Is There a Difference in the Services at a Med Spa?

Many day spas and beauty salons offer services that enhance your appearances, such as facials, mani-pedis, and tanning. Medical spas offer many of these same services. But, they also provide long-term solutions that go beyond professional makeup and lash or brow grooming.

The main differences are in the level of service, quality of the products, and credentials of owners and staff.

For example, you can get lash extensions and leg waxing at most salons. But, you wouldn’t be able to get skin tightening treatments or facial resurfacing. Those services are only available at medical spas under the guidance of a certified professional.

Facials are a common offering at most facilities that provide beauty enhancement services. Med Spas provide more intensive facial treatments to reduce the appearance of sun damage and acne scars using lasers and medical-grade products.

Choosing the Best Med Spa for Your Beauty Goals

It’s important not to choose the first location that offers advanced services. Although several factors contribute to the results, they’ll only be as good as the person providing them and the facility you choose.

Here are seven things you should do before booking an appointment at your local Med Spa.

1. Visit the Med Spa Before You Book an Appointment

You can begin your search on the internet or by getting referrals from friends or relatives who’ve had a good experience and outcome. Once you’ve narrowed your list to the top two or three, visit each facility before booking an appointment for treatment.

Your first impression will say a lot about the establishment. Look around the lobby or waiting area for signs of neglect, such as dirty windows, mirrors, and floors or shabby furnishings. Are guests kept waiting for long stretches of time? Does the staff seem friendly and attentive?

If a tour wasn’t offered, ask for one. You might wonder what they’re hiding if they refuse. Many medical and beauty services take several hours to complete. Try to determine if the treatments areas look comfortable and clean.

2. Ask About Staff Training and Qualifications

Any reputable facility has their professional credentials displayed within easy view at their location and on their website. In the state of Colorado, Med Spas must have at least one doctor, nurse, nurse-practitioner, or licensed, certified medical aesthetician on staff to administer procedures like laser treatments and perform or oversee procedures that involve injections with medical-grade products.

3. Read Customer Reviews

If you don’t know someone who has visited the Medical spas under review, you can still get an idea of how they operate by doing a little detective work. During your initial visit, talk to people waiting for treatment. Ask how long they’ve been using their services and about their experiences with the staff and treatments.

You can also look for online reviews and client testimonials on Yelp or Google My Business.

4. Learn About the Technology Used at the Med Spa

The best results come from innovation, quality products, and cutting-edge technology. Do they use products that are hypoallergenic, FDA-approved, and purchased directly from the manufacturer? Are the lasers and other equipment up to industry standards? Is the equipment well-maintained and sterilized between clients?

5. Ask About Their Customer Satisfaction Policies

Any Med Spa worth your patronage should guarantee customer satisfaction on every level. The facility should be upfront about its polices and happy to answer your questions. Ask how they handle product returns and customers who are unhappy with their results. Do they offer a redo or money-back guarantee?

If they offer memberships, are all requirements and obligations clearly stated in writing? Can you cancel without penalty?

Find out if the facility offers a free consultation. The best ones do, if it’s your first visit.

During your consultation, pay attention to how your aesthetician responds to your questions and concerns.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Does he or she seem to really listen and respond with compassion and understanding?
  • Are procedures explained and expectations managed in a realistic manner or do they just make big promises?
  • Were you given a sales pitch or offered a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific issues and goals?

6. Find out About Discounts and Other Customer Incentives?

Keeping beauty issues at bay is best handled by combining services. Some examples might include scheduling bi-annual injectable treatments with regular weekly facials or full body waxing with airbrush tanning. Medical spas that are worth your time and money will offer perks like discounts, specials, package deals, and incentives for customer referrals.

7. Ask About Services and Packages

Your beauty issues and ultimate goals inform your choices. Make sure that the facility you choose offers the treatments you need at prices that make ongoing care affordable.

Most beauty establishments will post a full list of services in the lobby of their facility along with the pricing. You should also be able to find this information on their website, which hopefully contains separate service pages to tell you more about the treatments and procedures as well. Monthly specials and other promotions should be listed publicly and their website updated regularly to reflect the most current information.

Make the Best Choice to Address All of Your Beauty Concerns

Beauty issues are very personal. In the end, it’s important to choose an establishment that’s comfortable, inviting, and staffed with people who treat you with empathy and respect.

The best Med Spa in Denver will provide you with access to the services you need at a comfortable facility that’s close enough to visit whenever you want.

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