One of the most innovative and gentle options in our range of services is LED light therapy.

However, it’s important to learn a little more about the procedure and benefits so you can choose the right variation of light therapy for your condition and beauty goals.

What is LED Light Therapy?

Light therapy uses light-emitting diode LED) technology on the red or blue color spectrum to target areas of concern on your face and body.

At their most basic, blue light therapy mainly corrects issues on the skin surface, while red light therapy allows us to go a little deeper for more intensive treatment.

Not only are the indications slightly different from one end of the color spectrum to the other, but each of these therapies also addresses different types of skin damage.

light therapy denverHow Red Light Therapy Works

Red light therapy works below the epidermis by stimulating cells known as fibroblasts. These are fibrous body tissues that play a part in collagen production, the protein that’s responsible for supporting connective tissue and healthy skin.

Because collagen production decreases as we age, stimulating more collagen helps plump up the skin. The result is a less hollow appearance around the eyes or cheeks and fewer fine lines.

Therapy using red LED light has also been shown to improve the appearance of androgenetic alopecia, the condition that leads to patterned hair loss in men and women.

As part of a comprehensive course of skin rejuvenation, red LED therapy is quite effective at reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, smile lines, and wrinkles. Clients also notice an improvement in skin texture and a reduction in crepiness.

How Blue Light Therapy Works

Using blue LED therapy is very effective for fighting acne and diminishing surface skin damage. The tint of light on this side of the spectrum has an antibacterial effect that when combined with its management of overactive sebaceous glands, controls two of the main causes of acne.

The treatment works by bathing the face or any other affected area of the skin’s surface in beneficial violet or blue hues.

The same technology that fights the root cause of acne also reduces the signs of minor acne scarring and sun damage.

When you need a natural mood elevator, blue LED light is proven to help you beat the blues. It can be used in conjunction with UV light therapy for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or alone for those who want to limit exposure to UV rays.

Why Not Experience the Full Potential of LED With Purple Light?

Since this type of treatment is non-invasive and safe, you can easily combine it with our other skincare treatments or use both types of light therapy together.

This combination of red and blue LED therapies boosts the beneficial factors that make them effective for addressing alopecia. The red light stimulates skin cells below the surface, and the blue light controls sebaceous secretions. Excess oil from the sebaceous gland is a known source of clogged pores that lead to both acne eruptions and androgenetic pattern baldness.

Another unbeatable effect of using this LED light combination for acne treatment combines the antibacterial power of blue with the anti-inflammatory properties of red.

In clinical studies, both types of LED light were shown to have an effect on the molecular structure of two variations of keratin, a protein that promotes healthy hair, skin, and fingernails.

Exposure to both red and blue LED light under controlled conditions decreased levels of keratin-1 mRNA and increased expression of keratin-10 mRNA. Red LED light exposure alone also increased levels of Keratin-17 mRNA. Together, this helped with wound healing and reduced the appearance of surface scars.

What to Expect From Your Light Therapy Sessions

Our Med Spa is staffed with certified aestheticians who are trained to safely administer red and blue LED light therapy as well as other effective skin and beauty treatments.

Services are provided in a warm, spa-like setting that’s designed to put your mind at ease while we work on the rest.

During your treatment, we’ll apply cream in a formulation that’s designed to boost the effectiveness of the LED light technology. Although LED treatments are safe to use with products like retinol, we advise that you don’t wear any other makeup, moisturizers, or serums to your appointment.

Light therapy sessions last for about 30 minutes each. It’s recommended that you under weekly session for four to five weeks, but you may need touchups a few times a year. Your aesthetician will advise you on a course of treatment that’s designed to help you meet your beauty goals.

medspa denverIs Light Therapy Safe?

There is no indication that light therapy is harmful as long as it’s used as indicated under the direction of a licensed aesthetician. You should also make sure to wear the same type of goggles that are used for tanning so that you can protect your retinas from damage.

Don’t worry. We’ll supply anything your need during your appointment.

Despite the safety and efficacy of LED light therapy, there are some people who should avoid this option or at least postpone it temporarily if a preexisting condition or medication puts you at risk. Your doctor can advise you further.

Those who should avoid light therapy include:

  • People taking medication that cause photosensitivity, such as melatonin, antibiotics, and Phenothiazine antipsychotics
  • Individuals undergoing treatment for melanomas
  • Clients diagnosed with diabetes or Lupus
  • People with a previous history of problems during or after light therapy

There is no UV ray exposure using this kind of therapy as long as there is a diffuser on the device to filter out harmful rays. If you do have photosensitivity, you might experience mild side effects such as:

  • Redness at the site of treatment
  • Burning on the skin surface
  • A stinging sensation in the treatment area

These symptoms are usually mild and will disappear within a week or two of discontinuing treatment.

You’ll lessen your chances of experiencing adverse side effects by undergoing treatment with a professional who’s trained and qualified to administer LED light therapy.

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