airbrush spray tan denver

For clients looking to get that sun-kissed look in minutes any time of the year, Vesper Gray MedSpa in Denver offers custom airbrush spray tans. Get a healthy, golden glow in just 15 minutes when you book a session with us! We specialize in providing even, natural-looking tans in an environment where you can feel fully comfortable. If you’re new to spray tans, we’ll make sure you understand how to care for your skin in the hours and days following your session to enjoy the best results.

The Benefits of Spray Tans

While a little vitamin D is good for us all, spending excessive time in the sun to maintain a good tan puts us at risk. With a spray tan, you’re getting a perfectly even, consistent tan on demand! It’s the healthy way to love the look of the sun on your body!

Customizing Your Tan

Spray tans allow you to enjoy a consistent tan throughout the year! What’s more, you can tailor the intensity of your tan for special occasions and seasons.

Choosing the Right Settings for Your Spray Tan

If you’re new to spray tans, you probably have lots of questions about how to achieve a natural healthy glow that makes you look more vibrant. When you come in for your “glow” consultation, the Vesper Gray team will discuss your goals with you to design a tanning solution that helps you achieve the look you are envisioning.

Packages and Pricing

Airbrush Spray Tanning$30

Frequently Asked Questions

Most clients are able to pop in and out in about 15 minutes! Yes, you’re getting beautiful results in 15 minutes that make it look like you spent an entire weekend in the sun!

Generally, you can expect your spray tan to last for seven to 10 days.

Exfoliate prior to your appointment to ensure that fresh, new skin will benefit from your spray. You should also shower or bathe prior to your appointment. If possible, avoid shaving or waxing immediately before your tanning appointment.

However, you should avoid applying any creams or lotions before showing up for your spray tan. The goal is to apply the tanning formula to clean, fresh skin to improve both the appearance and staying power of your new tan.