As the home of Denver’s top lash lift service provider, we invite you to discover this great alternative to false lashes that requires little maintenance. In addition, we offer custom lash tints that will enhance your own eye color!

The Eye-Opening Perks of Getting a Lash Lift Done

A lash lift is a great option if you’re going for longevity. Typically, clients get a full six to eight weeks of voluminous, heightened lashes out of each treatment. Lash lifts are great for lengthening and curling lashes of any starting length. The big benefit of a lash lift is that you will get perfectly manicured, dramatic lashes without the need to apply mascara. You will roll out of bed in the morning with a perfect lash line that will simply have everyone believing that you were blessed with camera-ready eyes. There’s never any worry about runny, messy mascara when you shower, swim, work out or do other daily activities where you want to put a fresh face forward.

What to Expect From Your Lash Lift

A lash lift is an ultra-gentle, pain-free treatment where we curl and lift your lashes. You can also add a lash tint to give your lashes that sleek, inky look. We use silicone at the base of the lashes to really build up your lash line. You don’t have to worry about any downtime with this treatment. It is a very low-maintenance, high-impact way to perk up your face.

How to Prepare for a Lash Lift Appointment

A lash lift requires almost no prep. If you wear contact lenses, take them out prior to your appointment to avoid causing irritation. You should also skip makeup prior to the appointment. A bare face is best because creams, powders, oils and gels can sometimes end up in your eyes to cause irritation during a lash lift. Most importantly, please refrain from wearing mascara at least two days prior to your appointment.

Packages and Pricing

Elleebana Lash Lift$95

Frequently Asked Questions

With a lash lift, you’re actually “plumping up” your own lashes using silicone to create a thicker, fuller lash line. With extensions, you’re adding on false lashes to fill in your lash line. A lash lift requires much less maintenance than extensions. The results also feel much more natural.

Yes, eyelash lifts are designed for nearly every lash length. This treatment can transform short, sparse lashes with its amazing lifting power.

Yes, it’s fine to wear mascara after you’ve had a lash lift done if you’d like to add extra volume. However, it’s recommended that you avoid applying mascara for at least 48 hours after your lift. Some mascaras can potentially weaken the hold of your lift. During your appointment, the Vesper Gray team will instruct you on how to get the best results from your lash lift.

For the first 48 hours after your treatment, consider the following:

  • Avoid contact with excess hot water or steam
  • Avoid all bathing products and serums on or near your lashes
  • When sleeping, try doing so on your back as your lashes are still malleable the first 24 hours