Our team of skilled technicians will leave your skin smooth and ensure every last rogue hair is removed. We use the highest quality hot wax that helps reduce pain and leaves your skin hydrated and flawless, without the irritation and redness. We offer a full range of waxing services in Denver, CO to make sure your skin is smooth from head to toe. Whether you’re looking to get a specific area waxed or full service body hair removal, we have the expertise to give you gorgeous results.

Why Brow Waxing Is Better Than Plucking

If you’ve been on the merry-go-round of plucking your eyebrows for years, you’ve probably grown frustrated with the inconsistent, unpredictable results you’ve been getting. There is also the anxiety of watching the hairs reemerge just a few days later. With professional waxing, we’re actually pulling the hair from the root to extend regrowth time by weeks. That means your brows stay neater longer. Constantly over plucking can ruin your natural brow arch over time because it’s very difficult to maintain consistency. Plucking is also a time-consuming process that requires constant maintenance. Waxing is a quick in-and-out process that allows you to relax in a comfortable chair for a few minutes while trained aestheticians work their magic.

Packages and Pricing

Brow Waxing$15

Lip Waxing$10

Ear Waxing$10

Nose Waxing$10

Sideburn Waxing$15

Chin Waxing$15

Chest Waxing$30

Brow Waxing$15

Back Waxing$50

Frequently Asked Question

Many people do experience a “flash” of pain during the waxing process as the hair is being removed. However, the discomfort is over in an instant.

While some people can go three to four weeks between waxing sessions, most clients go two to three weeks but results vary.

Waxing your eyebrows actually trains your hair to grow back in the desired shape and direction used during the waxing process. That means that regrowth is easier to manage!

It’s important to arrive at your appointment with clean, dry skin. Some people prefer to exfoliate prior to waxing.

While waxing does significantly reduce regrowth, it is not considered a permanent hair removal treatment. However, many people find that the hair that grows following regular waxing sessions is much thinner and easier to conceal.